drop shadow

In 1977, Jeff received a telephone  call from the television program 20/20, asking if he would be willing to be interviewed by one of their reporters for a segment being developed on the impact of disability. Moyer agreed and soon a television camera crew was being set up on the patio of Jeff's workplace, Telesensory Systems Inc., in Palo Alto, California.

The interviewer posed a question to Jeff concerning the impact of disability. Jeff responded that disability is not a catastrophe in one's life, but a life circumstance which might allow the individual to grow through the experiences which disability opens to them. Jeff's comments were used juxtaposed  an interview with Ed Roberts, one of the recognized leaders of the Disability Rights Movement, and a former employer and friend of Jeff's. Sadly, no copy of that interview is extant, among Jeff's collection or that of the late Ed Roberts, now held by the University of California Bancroft Library.




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