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How Big is Your Circle SongBook
Product Code: How Big is Your Circle SongBook
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This 123 page book includes the script, director's score and individual scores for members of string orchestra and chorus. Permission is given for everything to be copied for school use. A counseling guide provides curriculum for discussion of each of the eight scenes in the play or a suggested structure for use in counseling students who bully or otherwise aggress upon other students. The content of the play and the questions in the counseling guide are broad and apply to the many matters in school social behavior that disrupt the harmony of school life. Upon the plays premier, in 1998, a theater critic wrote that the play holds the promise of changing a generation. Reader's Theater performance of the script by adults have been poignant demonstrations that we all carry memories of violators, bullies and bystanders brought into consciousness by the play and opened for the potential of healing.

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