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Peace Sweet Peace
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Peace Sweet Peace is a field-tested album of original songs for hospice by award-winning songwriter Jeff Moyer. The songs address the emotional, spiritual and interpersonal needs of people approaching the end of life, their loved ones and caregivers. The lyrics focus on the cycle of life, continuation of the soul, forgiveness and inner peace. 

Jeff's choice of language and themes are nearly universal, making the album accessible to people of many faiths. PSP has been helping hospice families and patients for 13 years, principally at Hospice of the Western Reserve, where Jeff volunteered as a musician and gave away 1500 copies of his CD. The collection includes solo recordings of Jeff's soothing baritone voice and elegant guitar playing. On several tracks he is accompanied by a trio of classical musicians: Josie Harris on piano, Rebecca Lee Harris on violin and Jessie Smith Edwards on cello.

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