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Groundbreaking Memoir on American Disability History and Overcoming Adversity

GRIT book cover Chula Vista, California USA – December 20, 2018
Music From The Heart releases: GRIT - A Family Memoir on Adversity and Triumph, by Jeff Moyer, writer and recipient of awards for both songwriting and Disability History documentary production.

GRIT tells the monumental story of the Moyer family's struggle overcoming multiple disabilities and inhuman institutionalization beginning before the Disability Rights Movement changed the American landscape, and Jeff Moyer's role as the troubadour for, and a leader of that movement. In 1954, Mark Moyer, Jeff's younger brother, was born with a severe cognitive disability. Two weeks before at age five, Jeff began to lose his vision due to a rare retinal disease that a clinician denied.

GRIT follows the parallel stories of Mark's suffering within barbaric state institutions and Jeff's progressive blindness and maturation as an advocate leader within the Disability Rights Movement.

GRIT is a true tale of one family’s triumph over crushing odds including progressive blindness, severe cognitive disability, institutional imprisonment, alcoholism, cancer over-radiation resulting in facial disfigurement and loss of speech, and severe ADHD. It is, however, much moreā€’it is a rare, insider’s view of the historic, hard-fought struggle that, ultimately, led to the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a crown jewel of the American experience which should be celebrated within every heart and taught in every school. This book, with its revolutionary construct of the normalcy of disability, will upend perceptions and change lives.” - Gair Linhart, founder of Special Orchestra ®

GRIT introduces Jeff's innovative paradigm, Multiple Wisdoms, a new way to view people with cognitive disabilities. GRIT is far from a tale of misery; it is the story of how the Moyer family ultimately overcame their multiple disabling losses through rockribbed tenacity, advocacy, resilience, courage, humor, and a profound shift in consciousness. Moyer tells their stories with unvarnished honesty, compassion, empathy, and wit. Moyer rose to roles of national importance including: troubadour for the 1977 historic Section 504 Sit-In, assistive technology pioneer, songwriter and music-based curriculum developer, and disability history documentarian. Moyer promoted his advocacy as an NPR “Morning Edition” commentator, and through keynote performances at numerous international conferences, within 47 states, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Israel.

On July 26, 2008 Judy Woodruff, moderator of the Presidential Candidates Forum on Disability Issues, where Moyer was the sole musician, said, "Jeff Moyer, when the ADA was signed, that day, you performed at the United States Senate.” Moyer performed his original composition “The ADA Anthem”.

Later, the late Senator John McCain, Republican Presidential Candidate, reflected "I appreciate and remember Jeff being at the signing - the historic moment." "I've just finished GRIT. In fact, I couldn't put it down..." Kathy Tallalay, Senior Development Editor for W.W. Norton

"Jeff Moyer's GRIT is jolting. Riveting. Transcendent. It is a must read for the general society, and especially for families and professionals who work with individuals who differ from the norm. This book will be quoted often in living rooms and hallowed places of learning.” Sally E. Pisarchik Ph.D., Ohio Dept. Of Ed. Retired Regional Resource Center Administrator and Founder Project Support.

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