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Dear the talented Mr. Moyer,

My grandmother, Alice Bullard, is a part of Mrs. Moyer’s Alpha Delta Kappa group or ADK. Recently, you spoke at one of their meetings about the play you created, How Big Is Your Circle. This Email is about that unique and spectacular play you created.

One day I got to my house after a long day at school. That day I was in a particular bad mood. My third grade brother, Graham, is on the autism spectrum. Many kids bully him and look at him weirdly. As a sibling, I have a special love for my brother that continues to grow and grow. I was really upset that day about how some kids treat him. I wanted to do something to help, but I am merely a fifth grader. Anyways, I one day I laid down on my couch and found your wonderful script. I read the whole thing 3 times. I cried from how beautiful it was. The music was amazing.

I called my grandma and asked about it, I got a lot of my questions answered. Let me just say I am an actress. I called my actress friends and asked if they’d be interested in making this a production with me, they said yes! I had everyone audition and gave them their role. We all set up our first practice. We hope to perform the play at my brother’s school and other schools nearby. Hopefully, we can make it easier on a few kids at school. As our first practice grows near, I realize I only have the two scripts my grandma collected, I need 13!

I wonder do you possibly have 13 more scripts/cd’s lying around that we could use? When we get our final product and perform, I will defiantly email you again. We hope you will come and see your idea be turned into something spectacular. Let me just say that you are an amazing person for creating this script. I am positive you will change the lives of MANY kids with disabilities, including my brother Graham Bullard. I specifically like the song Yes I Can.

Again, thank you for making this script, you have NO idea how grateful I am that you made this!!! I know I can make this into a wonderful production! I am a fifth grader at a charter school in Point Loma called Explorer Elementary Charter School.

Addison Cecelia Bullard

Many of us advocate for people with disabilities feel isolated in today’s political climate. Fortunately, there is a force that can balance things out in our hearts and minds. It's the belief that one individual who is determined to make a difference in the world, can, with desire, drive, dedication, discipline, passion, and persistence. The world can be altered and billions of people’s lives can be impacted positively in an unimaginable way. This describes you…

Steve Jacobs
10080 Gerich Lilly Rd.
West Jefferson, OH 43162

I was asked to help out with the Sara Lee Corporation Diversity Council this year by serving on the Newsletter committee. I have always felt like I had a good grasp on diversity until that day! I felt a little nervous about getting information together that should somehow be able to make an impact on people within our company. After the first few weeks, I began to realize what a huge responsibility we had jumped into. There were so many directions, so much information, so much that we could do and say wrong, and so many different things and people that deserved to be discussed. I felt overwhelmed, and worried that we would overwhelm our fellow team members with more things to read about, think about and do…so much that they would do nothing.

My youngest son, Kade, is 9 years old, and loves music. He plays the Cello in Austin Elementary School in Sulphur Springs, Texas. This is a sight to see. He came home from school one day and handed me a piece of paper stating that the school was hosting a musical program that would include all the elementary schools in our area…I was very busy with work; very busy with brainstorming ideas for the Diversity council newsletter, school, kids, life…you have the picture.

The big day finally came, and Kade was so excited…our beautiful, smart little boy would sing and play and WOW us. I had the video camera ready, my husband had the digital camera ready, and my friend had a back up camera ready. This was a very special event, and we were prepared. The music began, the director was lead from the corner of the room, and he began feeling his way around, smiling and talking with the children. Then, Jeff Moyer and the children began to sing… “WE’RE PEOPLE FIRST”…a celebration of diversity by Jeff Moyer.” I nearly dropped the video camera!

So, a grand lesson in diversity was dropped in my lap! After the wonderful performance that night, I spoke with Jeff Moyer. WOW…I was, and still am…very WOW’ED. I want to share this experience with you because I received some of the most valuable information that I have ever had the privilege of having. Jeff is able to teach valuable life lessons through songs and activities. The way that he is able to speak to a crowd ranging in age from 2 to 100 and still effectively reach all in the room with this message is amazing.

Jeff keeps it simple, concise and to the point. It is all ELEMENTARY. All of a sudden a light came on in my head. If he can teach thousands of children to think about this, what could this message do for us in a corporate business setting? I hope that it will help us all to stop and think for a moment, think about ourselves, and those around us, and the impact that we all have on each other. Most of all, I hope that we can learn to make Diversity simple, elementary, an everyday, all the time, instinctive way of thinking and acting with people. After all, “We’re People First”. And, we should celebrate that fact.

The message that was sent through our children that night, was one of consequence, concerning many areas: self-esteem, acceptance of others, the naturalness of diversity, and positive thought and action. Thank you is not enough for the lesson that my child learned that night. He is a kind and loving child, and that night brought out a defensiveness in him to protect and love all those around him, no matter the difference. I am proud that he was a part of this program, and hope that he carries this love for others his whole life long.

Jeff, you are truly amazing and inspiring. I wish you the best in your journey.

Shonda Gibson, manager with Sara Lee Corporation, and proud mom of Kade Gibson!

Hi Jeff,

I want to thank you for coming out to Euclid AAC to share your gift of song in an empowering mini-concert for the men and women at Euclid AAC.  Your music is truly an inspiration to all.

Thank you for giving a voice towards the 'betterment of the human condition' and may God bless you in all that you do!

Mary Beth Schwarz
Adult Activities Services Manager
Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Euclid Adult Activities Center

I really enjoyed Jeff's presentation at the National ADA Symposium in Denver. I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated.


Dear Jeff,

Thank you for producing Maxwell the Dancing Dog. It's great! My classroom particularly enjoys "Peanut Butter and Pickles." It was wonderful that you could come to our school. The kids talk about it a lot.

Clare Davis

Kirtland Elementary School

During Jeff and Cris Moyer's  recent visit to Arizona our family was their first stop, and Jeff once again graciously performed a concert for my sister's adult day care center in Phoenix. Also, I had to mention, he graciously performed last year during their trip as well. What a treat for us all. All the clients at my sister's adult day care are developmentally delayed and disabled. Remembering Jeff from last year, as they all came in the room and saw him once again, you could feel the sweet breezes of pure excitement and love filling the warehouse. Then they all sat down and you could hear a pin drop. But once Jeff began singing the giggles and clapping began! The smiles on the clients faces were like little suns shining on each face. I almost needed to wear my sunglasses! When Jeff invited them to sing along, it was like being in a room full of choir angels. Oh, how they love Jeff and his beautiful music. The most favorite time of each concert has been when Jeff sings the "name song", oh how they love this. He takes an individual's name and then sings it back to them. Those that could walk, came up to stand by him as he sang to them, and delighted in having their photos taken with Jeff. I just delivered their photos this week, and oh how their faces lite up when they saw themselves with Jeff. They just giggled and giggled at the sight. They just love Jeff, he was accepted immediately as family to all of them. What a time we all had. It was spiritual. Jeff has a unique ability to connect with the developmentally delayed individual on a spiritual level.. What a gift to my family and my sister's day care family to have the opportunity to take part and witness this love.  To sum up the experience, music and intoxicating pure love filled the room. Thank you Jeff and Cris for making this very special time for all of us, we are so grateful and our hearts are full of love for you and Cris.

Gail and Zona
Phoenix, AZ


Just wanted to thank you once again for the two great assemblies on Tuesday! I asked several students what they liked best and received a variety of answers: "I liked all the instruments he played.""I liked that big thing from Australia." "I liked the songs and clapping." "I liked that he taught us how to sign that song." "I liked everything!"

From staff the comments were: "What a great message! And he tied it into our bully prevention program." "I really liked his message about no matter what we look like on the outside, we are all the same inside....and we should be kind to everyone." "That was a really fun assembly! I hope the kids really listened to what he was saying about getting along and attitude." "I hope that he comes again!"

I really think that your message needs to be repeated over and over again (and that's what we try to do!) so that treating one another with respect and kindness is the norm in all situations. 

Thanks again for a great morning!

Karen Smith
KES Social Worker

Hi Jeff!!

I was so honored to meet you and Donna @ the sibs conference!!.. I do love your music and the messages conveyed!

Your music reminds me of John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot (2 of my favorites). Your ballads about your brother's life especially touched me, even more so, because I know him, but didn't know of his nightmares... and this has made me love and care even more for him (who I told you, is already one of my favorite people over at the Euclid AAC). My friend, Beth made a comment that really touched me—she said that who would have ever imagined that this same boy who was so badly abused, mistreated and so unloved by the caretakers in the institution, would grow up to be so loving and beloved, by me, and by many. He's the miracle to have been able to rise above his hell, and become so gentle of a spirit.. I am looking forward to showing him the pictures I took of you and Donna, and the one of you and me. 

Take Care, Jeff!!

Maureen McManus

Hi Jeff,

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed talking to you today! It was such a pleasure to discuss your work and your experiences and learn that we shared the same passion for supporting kids with disabilities so that they can experience better outcomes and connections in their lives. I can't wait to meet you in person at the KIT conference in a couple of weeks and no matter what you do in your keynote you will strike the perfect note to start off our conference. I am 100% sure of that! I am genuinely excited to be able to talk to you about your work and perhaps be able to support your efforts and vision while also using your articulate voice and passion to support KIT mission's mission as well.

Thanks again Jeff for taking the time to visit with me at length and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Mary M. Shea, Ed.D.
Vice President, Organizational Outreach
Kids Included Together

Hi Jeff,

I want to thank you for your time and sharing your talent and generous loving spirit with all of us in Hospice House and especially with Eric and Stan over the past few months. Their lives were greatly enriched by your relationship and countless others lucky enough to be in your presence benefited as well. 

Thanks for all you do, and take care,

Lori Scotese
Coordinator of Life Enrichment Events
Hospice of the Western Reserve

Good Morning Jeff,

I play your CD, Sounds of The Western Reserve Historical Society, on a daily basis here in the gift shop and our guests find it to be very educational. Come see us !!!!

Jimmy Carter
Lane Motor Museum
Nashville, TN

My daughter absolutely adores "Maxwell the Dancing Dog"! She taped the CD cover artwork above her bed, and plays the CD for our dog and cat every day.

Thanks so much, Jeff!
Tamera Brown

Just wanted to let you know how inspirational I found your seminar yesterday in Cambridge. Your sense of humor and your dogged determination to advocate for those with disabilities was much like an ole time revival for me.

Thanks so much.
Kay Melvin

What a gift you have for connecting with people and reminding us of what really counts. Too easy to lose track among deadlines, funding challenges, legal broohaha, etc. I went into this business because as a child of the 60s, I really do believe we can change the world. You rekindled that spark.

Thanks again Jeff. I'll be in touch soon!

Susie Burdick
Chief Executive Officer
Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center (HSDC)

You truly made our 2005 Wyckoff Dinner and Awards Ceremony the most memorable yet! Everyone is still talking about your lively musical performances and poignant speech. We appreciate the way you covered a lot of issues and connected to a very diverse group: PROVAIL staff, Board Members, donors, politicians, and people with all kinds of disabilities. Attendees were moved to both tears and applause (not to mention toe-tapping!). You've been a delight to work with and so very down-to-Earth. On behalf of everyone involved, THANK YOU.

Jennifer Schneider
Development Associate


Thank you so much for your incredible presentations here in Seattle! I have received so many comments from people who were moved in so many ways by your words and your music. You touched people in two very different audiences in equally effective ways by sharing your personal experiences and musical perspectives. The individuals with disabilities found inspiration in your music; parents heard someone who could empathize with the challenges they face; advocates felt the passion you put into your work; and, program administrators found an ally and colleague they could both relate to and learn from. You were the perfect choice for our events and you have left a lasting impression on all who attended!

Thank you!
Michael Hatzenbeler, CEO
PROVAIL: Life Opportunities for People with Disabilities

My name is Sharon, and I am a veteran teacher of about 24 years. I have taken MANY education classes over the years in an effort to be of more service to the children whose lives I touch. Your class on aiding students with disabilities is one of the most excellent and helpful classes that I have taken! Thank you for the difference you have made to educators (and students with disabilities) around the world!

Sharon Edds
Elementary Teacher

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful show on Monday night. People have been talking about it all week! They loved the sing-alongs, your stories and your talent. Several have commented on the unusual instruments -- they really enjoyed that part of the show. One lady was in my office today and told me how much she liked the didjerydu. She said she never understood that part of the lyrics (Play your didjerydu, Blue) in "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" until you showed and played the instrument. I had completely forgotten about that song and its lyric. What a wonderful connection - I'll always think of you when I hear it!

Everyone who has called me these past few days wanted to say that you were such an inspiration and they felt so good at the end of the evening. Thank you once again for sharing your heart with us!

Debra Molnar, BSBA
Vintage Years Club Coordinator
WRH Health System

It was delightful beyond words. I got to see the sense of humor that comes out in short spurts in the car times or church songs. I must admit though the songs about the horse, your daughter and another poignant song, were hitting me very tenderly for some reason. Truly, it such a lovely time to spend with you, get insight into how you teach, and the tremendously warm spiritual messages your songs have, yes, even the amusing ones. You do have a wonderful and creative gift that most of us only see a little of once in a while, so it was a treat to have an uninterrupted concert from you.

Thanks for such a diverse program Jeff.
Joan Yokum


I recently read your article in the NAPVI Fall 2003 newsletter. How inspiring! Our nine year old son was recently diagnosed with Cone Rod Dystrophy and he has lost a tremendous amount of vision. We've joined the local support group, MPVI, and that is where I was given a copy of the newsletter. Yours was the first time I have read of someone who had vision and then lost it. I've searched in chat rooms to locate someone who could possibly offer me some insight as to what my child is going through. I need to know the questions to ask of him, the demands to make on him and all that is now a mystery to us. He is not a child who offers up his feelings, so it has been difficult to know when to push and know when to let up. I would welcome any insight you could offer on how to support Mitchell during this difficult time. What questions we could ask of him to open up the communication with him. Your sentence, "if only someone had said that losing vision was scary and I had every right to feel afraid and very sad" was so powerful.

Again, Jeff, thank you so much for an awesome article and I look forward to any assistance you could offer.

Joan Ditmar

Dear Jeff,

We just wanted to say "Thank you" for your recent presentation at the Northeast Ohio Case Management Network conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Your presentation, "Seeing the Patient Clearly: Lifting the Filter of the Medical Model" was enlightening and inspiring. Participant evaluations of your presentation were highly complimentary. Some of the comments were: "Physicians need to listen to Jeff Moyer and State and Federal Government!" "Jeff Moyer - excellent speaker - inspiring message. Lot to work towards." "Absolutely excellent!"

Northeast Ohio Case Management Network

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for your informative and inspiring presentation at the 4/21/05 NEOCMN conference. Audience survey responses were very positive and indicated that participants would enjoy having you as a conference speaker again.

Thank you also for the gift of the "Sounds of the Western Reserve" CD and the gifts of your products given to Pat Turner for her Home School group. I look forward to working with you again, for both NEOCMN conferences and a presentation to Guiding Eyes volunteers and graduates (perhaps in November).

Jeanne Dregalla

Dear Jeff,

I couldn't believe how you had a room of 400 captivated from the very beginning. We had a range from Kindergarten to school administrators in our audience at our April 30, 2004 Awards Luncheon. The children, after sitting for two hours, were attentive during your entire performance, as were the adults. I think the audience participation was wonderful. You had them all singing along. Your songs are "from the heart" and convey a universal message of belonging and acceptance. The fact that you do this, despite what would demobilize many, sends a powerful message and is amazing. I believe your performance was the best we have ever had at this event.

Beth May

Dear Jeff,

Wow! - All we can say is, Wow! The Scouts and their families loved your message. I personally enjoyed (and was challenged by) what you were communicating and was particularly impressed with the way you made it easy to look at the world from another person's perspective. After your presentation, many parents commented on your creative and effective use of instruments from all over the world to strengthen and give "life" to your work. I believe that the event had a tangible impact on many lives.

Thank you and Best Wishes Always,
Rick Dayton
Cub Master Pack 329
Strongsville Ohio

Dear Jeff,

I've been listening to your wonderful music and I just sent it out in the latest Kids Together email newsletter of 2300 people, with a plug for your website front and center. I also added a frontpage ad on the Kids Together website. I have been gathering emails of TASH members, Partners in Policymaking grads, Parent to Parent groups and other active individuals in the disability rights area across the U.S., and I will be sending out an email with my Parentside website, Kids Together and your site. That's another 2500 people, and these are all directly interested in our message. 

So good luck! I hope your stuff takes off, its REALLY great! My 4 year old started singing along to the song "Do you see me as an equal?" the first time he heard it. I can't really say which songs I liked the best because they are all so good, and it was certainly really cool to hear a communication device in a song in the "We're People First." I did not have time to hear the "Lest we forget yet"  but will as soon as I can. The administration blues cracked me up too.

The long haul is very true as to how I feel as a parent. I'm glad that we were able to connect, I think that if all the people fighting for the same things would join force, it could make a huge difference, It seems like there are so many people are working separately. I get criticized for it, but I really think that people need to fight for all people's needs, and not for disability specific. I'm not saying to ignore anyone's needs, but to see a person as an individual and meet their needs because of what they need, not because of what they are labeled. This does not go over very big with some of the groups, like the autism folks, I think it benefits the government to keep people in categories because it makes smaller forces to deal with. I don't know why so many people don't just think of it as just common sense.

If you are ever looking for more ideas for lyrics, I live this stuff. We have experienced the extremes in getting my son fully included with supports. We are having a MAPS for him in June and dealing with the transition planning.


Dear Jeff,

I have been profoundly moved by attending your workshop, Tools For Promoting Social Inclusion, at Kent State University. You are not only a gifted teacher and phenomenal presenter, but you are also one of the most genuinely compassionate people I have ever met. Your eloquence in delivering powerful truths is impressive and inspiring. I cannot recommend your workshop highly enough. I firmly believe that everyone could benefit from participating in this workshop—it should especially be a requirement for anyone who is in a service role or profession. Thank you for reminding me of the most beautiful and fundamental things about teaching ... and about life!

Paula Ledoux


I just wanted to thank you for your direct and personal response to my interest in your commentary on NPR. We have played all three CD's twice already, and the kids are nuts over them! I will certainly give other teachers in my district a listen, and see if my son's teacher would like a copy. My husband loves your play, and is hoping to produce it either this year or next year with his 8/9th grade drama club. Keep up the wonderful work, and thank you for all you've done for the community of persons with disabilities!

Michelle Sarabia

Dear Jeff,

I would just like to say that it is people like you that give the rest of us the strength to go on and be strong ourselves. The work that you have done over the years and continue to do is so inspirational. iIcan't wait to share your music with everyone I know that could benefit from it. Keep up the wonderful work, we love you!!

Michelle Schindelheim

Hi Jeff,

I would like to Thank You for producing "Lest We Forget, an emotionally profound account of the history of life in the institutions for Mentally Challenged individuals. I am using this documentary as part of my Senior Thesis at Capital University (Cleveland campus.) Upon research, I have concluded that this type of information is long due and uncharted. I have worked in the field on Mental Retardation for the past twenty-two years and I am truly impressed with your passion for advocating for individuals who have been isolated and neglected by society. I applaud your efforts and ask God to bless you in your efforts.

Sincerely, Patti

Many thanks to you, Jeff, for your presentation on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2005 at our Tetelestai rehearsal. Our director had asked me to look for a speaker to address our cast that was inspirational as well as educational—and you certainly fit the bill! Your engaging manner, humble spirit, and excellent music made it a wonderful experience for all concerned. Awesome servants of the Lord such as yourself are all too rare these days!

God's Blessings,
Maureen FitzGerald, Co-Executive Director
Cleveland Performing Arts Ministries


It was good meeting you at the FEA conference at Ohio State University. You are an inspiration. God bless you.
Hector Raymond

I just heard your story on the Courage to Give tape. My psychologist gave it to me because I have been suicidal and he thought this might help bring me out of that state of mind. I just wanted to let you know that you are a true inspiration!

Shelley E.

Dear Jeff,

I'd like to officially thank you, on behalf of Shadybrook, for a wonderful program last Tuesday. I've heard from more than one person that it was the best monthly presentation we've had in quite awhile. Your music is outstanding on its own, but having the chance to take part in making the music ourselves made it come alive in a very personal way. And you have some super instruments!

Here are some of the comments from the evaluations:

"Fabulous! Jeff is inspirational, a fine performer who draws a circle to include all in his program." - Barbara Douglass

"Great program." - Anne Poirson

"A good participatory meeting with an appropriate focus upon peace." - Dietz Ziechmann

"It was a very moving and spiritual experience! I humbly thank him." - Annette Gydosh

"Great! Wonderful. Maybe Jeff could provide an evening event for a retreat sometime." - Linda Durnbaugh

More than one person stated the program exceeded their expectations. I'll put some of these comments on your guest book, as well.

I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Warm Regards,
Beth Bracale, Administrative Coordinator


Your cd relates to me greatly being disabled and all it touches my heart in which other music couldn't do. It gives me the power to advocate my life's road blocks and share with others a message that disabilities may take away your physical ability but it can't touch your mind and heart. DON'T EVER GIVE UP DON'T EVER GIVE UP.

I heard you speak at YLF the other day. I can't be gain to tell you how your words impacted my life hearing them from a person of your stature it was so inspirational to me. You brought knew meaning to my life that
sociably and spiritualy aren't a dead end anymore. You opened my eyes to a whole new world and meaning for living. I am going to buy your CD "We're People First." I wish there were more people advocating like yourself. I think socialy the world would be a greater place for the disabled people of America words like hate and discrimination would be used less frequency. 

My name is Brian Fruchey and I just one of the millions lifers you touch everyday with your words keep advocating.
God Bless you Jeff

“ I admire you and all the talents that you share with all. I may only be a speck in the population of the world, but you have made a large impact on me and my attitude and how I accept myself and others. You have touched my life in such a positive manner. I can only hope that you too are touched and blessed, as greatly as you have touched me and others.”

Lynette Vogel, New Ulm MN

Dear Jeff,

I couldn't believe how you had a room of 400 captivated from the very beginning. We had a range from Kindergarten to school administrators in our audience at our April 30, 2004 Awards Luncheon. The children, after sitting for two hours, were attentive during your entire performance, as were the adults. I think the audience participation was wonderful. You had them all singing along. Your songs are "from the heart" and convey a universal message of belonging and acceptance. The fact that you do this, despite what would demobilize many, sends a powerful message and is amazing. I believe your performance was the best we have ever had at this event.

Beth May

Dear Jeff,

Wow! - All we can say is, Wow! The Scouts and their families loved your message. I personally enjoyed (and was challenged by) what you were communicating and was particularly impressed with the way you made it easy to look at the world from another person's perspective. After your presentation, many parents commented on your creative and effective use of instruments from all over the world to strengthen and give "life" to your work. I believe that the event had a tangible impact on many lives.

Thank you and Best Wishes Always,

Rick Dayton
Cub Master Pack 329
Strongsville Ohio

" We could not have had a better person than Jeff to lead the workshops with interns and parents, and to be the featured entertainer at our Start on Success 10th Anniversary dinner celebration at the Library of Congress, (on April 15, 2004). He was magnificent - and inspirational."

Charlie Dey, National Director "Start On Success" Program, National Organization on Disability:

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to let you know that my son's class just did a performance of your "We Are People First", in front of the whole school. They were all very excited about it- singing and playing instruments are always a favorite with primary school kids. Back in February, he was recovered enough from his chemotherapy treatments to return to school, and it was around then that we received the gifts from you. I passed along the note and tape to Ryan to give to his teacher and never heard anything more about it. Then a week ago I found out that the class was working on this performance. They dedicated it to a Vice-Principal who was leaving the school, and it went great. I thought you would like to know.

Thank you for thinking of Ryan and sharing your music with all of us.

Jill C. McPhee
Biology Department
Monroe Community College


I met you as a student in 2001 when you were a speaker at the Museums and the Web conference in Boston. You were kind enough to send me a copy of your cd "See How Far We've Come" for using in a student's project, a presentation on Disability Culture.

A year or so later, I had occasion to use that presentation to some medical students and it went down well. It is good for the students to hear the message in a song - it increased disability awareness and sensitivity of the medical students (among others) towards their future patients with disabilities.

Apart from all that, it is good to hear Jeff's singing and a real pleasure! I look forward to having more!

Eleanor Lisney
Research Coordinator
Long-Term Care Policy Unit
Center for Health Policy and Research
UMass Medical School

Dear Jeff,

WOW! Your travel schedule is mind-boggling! You get around! After your performance here in Sulphur Springs, TX many parents commented that they wished more people in our community had come and that it was a very positive experience for the children! One fifth grade girl has really "hung unto" your music. She was trying to copy down all the words to your songs by memory. She was thrilled when I gave her a copy of the words and a practice tape to listen to at home. She is new to our school this year and already she has been kind and accepting to a new Hispanic girl on her first day of school with us.

Just last week a fifth grade boy requested "We're Different" in music class. Your music has a "sticking" quality! I played it for all my classes as their entrance song for music class. After our big statewide tests are over I plan to do "How Big Is Your Circle" with all of our fifth grade general music classes before the big talent show at the end of the year. I think it really hits the target and will be a great review of your message!

Thanks for coming to our school! You really made a difference in our lives!

Best wishes on all your future travels and the people whose lives you touchmwith your music!

Lyna Jane Bryant

It's OK to be Different is a 3 part program that teaches tolerance to young children before they learn prejudice, bias, discrimination and exclusion. The first program is Understanding Disabilities, a year-long awareness program designed to help parents and teachers promote an understanding of disabilities. Young students are exposed to 5 different disabilities: Blindness, Hearing Impairments, Physical Disabilities, Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation. The goal of the program is to make both the disabilities and the people who have them real to the children. During the year the children learn songs from Jeff's music "We're People First." At the end of the year they sing the title song and accompany it with the appropriate sign language. This is performed in front of all the speakers and volunteers who have contributed to our program, It's OK to be Different. The music and the program are a natural fit as they both celebrate diversity.

Thank you.
Laraine Gaunt

Hi Jeff,

I've always known you are talented, but after listening to Maxwell the Dancing Dog, the first CD of yours I've heard, I am so impressed. We've known each other a long time, since singing together during lunch time at work, and I've always admired your work, your music performance, and your song writing. This work is stunning. Just the time, effort, work, and arrangements required to produce such a CD are enough to boggle the mind. Then there's the versatility in rhythms, styles, songs for children to sing, songs that have a vision for us all, not to mention playing all those instruments and singing the harmonies. How many tracks did that take? I love the sheer joy you put into and bring out of your music. Your work with the children who sing with you is a delight. These songs teach and entertain, and have lots of surprises. I'm sure you leave them howling for more! Come on and dance with you? - I'm there! With all the fantastic and wonderful ideas in this recording, I can't imagine what more you have come up with in your other CDs.


I took a class from you at Kent State University (Kent, OH) several summers ago, and it is the best class I feel I have ever taken to aid me in making a difference in the lives of my Second Grade students! I mention you to my students year after year of what he taught me about accepting people as they are!

Thank you, Jeff, for the wonderful difference you are making to ALL with whom you come in contact!

Sharon E.
Cleveland, OH

Dear Jeff, 

I have been profoundly moved by attending your workshop, Tools For Promoting Social Inclusion, at Kent State University. You are not only a gifted teacher and phenomenal presenter, but you are also one of the most genuinely compassionate people I have ever met. Your eloquence in delivering powerful truths is impressive and inspiring. I cannot recommend your workshop highly enough. I firmly believe that everyone could benefit from participating in this

workshop— it should especially be a requirement for anyone who is in a service role or profession. Thank you for reminding me of the most beautiful and fundamental things about teaching ... and about life! 

Paula Ledoux

Dear Jeff, 

I just wanted to sign your guestbook and tell you that I have enjoyed all of your CD's greatly. I wish there were more people in the world who dedicated their life to giving direction with wonderful music and teachings.

Thank you!
Cassy White

I am still smiling since Wednesday's assembly at Mercer. The children and staff members were enchanted by your music, instruments, and particularly your marvelous style! That was the BEST assembly we have ever had.

Thank you so much!
Darlene Quinones
Solon, Ohio

I keep a your web page as a bookmark. It is a constant reminder of humanity and my own potential to overcome a disability.


"Good to hear from someone who actually lives this. Your music is lovely and you are a captivating speaker and musician."

"A great motivational speaker and a reminder to look at our own perceptions of self and others."

2001 AERO Conference


How nice it was to see you again! I need to know where to find your music—'ve just added buying your newest CD to my to-do list this week. I applaud you and your efforts. The universe is so full of wonderful gifts—you and your music are one such gift.

Namaste, Lucile
Lucile Barbati
Willoughby, Ohio 


I was asked today to present to middle school asemblies in Waupan Wisconsin to increase sesitivity of the students. I said I would probably start with people first activities. The staff said "Oh Jeff Moyer's stuff". I asked who you were and what you were doing. I guess we are on the same track. I would like to get your book We're People First. I am also an adjunct teacher at a local state university and stess people first language etc. I will pursueing getting your book etc.

I am thrilled to have discovered you today. 

Steve Kirschner
Fond du Lac, Wi. USA

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to drop you a note about our Project Support Group that we just started in Walnut Creek Elementary. I met you for the first time at P.S. Conference in June in Ohio at Camp New-Hop. It was a pleasure. I have told my students about you many times, We even have a quote from you in our school hall. Hopefully it will inspire others.

P.S. was just introduced in our school this year and already we have over 50 students which is great because we only have a small number of students in our building (aprox 175-200). I only opened it up to 3rd thru 6th grades so that makes 50 out of about 75. Keep up all of you exciting work. Hope to see you again in the summer.

Shawna Benson
Walnut Creek Elemtntary,
Walnut Creek OH 

Dear Jeff, 

I have just had the pleasure of your presentations at the AERO conference in Deer Creek. You were very stimulating and rekindled the flame in this mobility instructor. Not only that, but by reading you web site, I actually located someone I went to Cleveland State with so many years ago! Although I met you almost 20 years ago, I never realized the talent you have! And I thought you "just played guitar!" Your songs have been blasting through Leawood Elementary school, as well as my car's CD player. You are a true inspiration. Hope to see you again soon!

Debbie Wendt Mino
Columbus, Ohio 

Hey Jeff.

Your presentation at our middle school was very good. I thought the message was very good, and it especially helped me because I am different.

Naa Amerley
Canfield, Ohio 

Jeff your presentation was excellent for our middle school. Your message was great for both the adults and the students. I was surprised at the number of the students who were singing and participating. Youre message was inspiring. I would recommend Jeff for to any school looking for more tolerance, more respect for differences and diversity, and less bullying or exclusion. Thanks again Jeff. Thanks to Speakers Unlimited for helping me get you to our school.

John Vitto
Canfield, Ohio


I want to thank you again for being a part of the Youth Leadership Forum each year. This year as in previous years your presentation had a profound influence on the delegates. You have opened their eyes to a world they were not aware of and pointed out their ability to be leaders in the disability movement. You are an inspiration and excellent role-model for these individuals. Thanks again for an excellent presentation.

Maureen Fitzgerald
Columbus, Ohio

"We Shall Overcome" is a great song, but I think I like Jeff's "We Are Survivor's" even better. Being OK with who you are, and knowing it's OK that people are different, tolerance and acceptance of these things are what Jeff teaches in his songs. I think that is what the word needs now. "I'ld Like to Teach the World to Sing" all of Jeff's songs! I'll start here in my town. Where will you start?

Janis Snyder


I met you when you came to speak to our Low Vision class at Cleveland State about the realm of the "practically partially sighted" and then again while I did my student teaching at the Sight Center in 84. That was also when I went to Ohio AER and heard you perform. I think I learned alot from you and have always remembered your presentations, both spoken and musical. I got the link to your site through a listserv discussion on teaching classmates to respect and understand a student with low vision and am planning to pass it on to the school counselor in my school system, where they seem to be doing a good job with inclusion and respect for others, but I'm sure they'd like the extra resources. I also will pass it on to a friend who teaches special ed courses at the college level as well as direct work with high school students. What a great resource. Keep up the good fight!! 

Karen McKenna
Portland, Maine

I sat and watched Jeff's performance at our schools three times and was mesmerized along with the children each time. His message of acceptance is so important and so needed.

Vicky Hinrichsen, Twinsburg City Schools Ohio

I just completed a 2 day workshop with Jeff, and he lit the fire in my belly again. I have so much to process and reflect on during this school year. It is my goal to inspire students and teachers in my building the way Jeff has inspired me. Thanks for taking the time to faciliate a Saturday workshop at Kent. 

Kathleen Pero
Stow, Ohio 

Jeff Moyer is awesome! He is far more than you would ever expect in a songwriter and author.

Myranda Arrowood
Cornelia, Georgia 

Jeff Moyer is far more than an excellent trainer and presenter. He wowed the entire audience with a stimulating, passionate offering that revived or transformed the audience. Eighty teachers, both general and special education attended the workshop and their response to the program has been awesome! I am excited about scheduling Jeff to present at several more buildings this year including a program for parents. I highly recommend his Social Inclusion message for ALL EDUCATORS. It will be the best program you attend this year.

Douglas A. Dennis
Warren, Ohio

What a powerful presenter! Jeff performed an all day inservice for our special education staff at Sandusky County Educational Service Center. He was motivational and informative. With staff who ranged from one year to over 30 years of experience in special education, Jeff was still capable of challenging our ways of thinking and doing for our students. His presentation brought staff to silence, laughter and tears as he recounted special education experiences and reminded us all that all our children are "people first". Jeff made the opening day staff meeting a memorable one for all!

Jan Schueler
Huron, Ohio USA

Thank you for your music with a meaning, Max has enjoyed it and remindes everyone he will not ride a special bus.Thanks again for your music. Dee Lesneski the Flag Pole MOM.

Dee Lesneski
Washington, Pennsylvania 

I have had a copy of your album "Do You See Me as an Equal" since the late 1980's. I am glad to know more about the songwriter, especially in your continued use of augmented voices to sing.

Carol Farnsworth
Grand Rapids, MI 

I found your site very interesting. I hope to come back here again.


God bless you!
Sharon Wendt
Nashville, Tennessee USA

So cool. Your information is useful for me!!

Denpasar, Bali Indonesia


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