Jeff sings the "ADA anthem" at
The National Constitution Center, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
July 28, 2012

In 2012, Jeff Received an invitation to perform "The ADA Anthem" during the installation of Justin Dart Jr.'s wheelchair as a permanent artifact on display in the Civil Rights section of the National Constitution Center. On July 26, 1990, following the signing of the americans with Disabilities Act, Jeff was invited to play his original song, "The ADA Anthem" at a US Senate Reception for the activists, Senators, and Congressmen involved in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities ACT.

Jeff and Mr. Dart established a friendship and in 1999 Jeff recorded Mr. Dart reading four paragraphs from a keynote address which he gave in 1996. The powerful oratory was used within a 25 Year Anniversary Album for TASH, a Disability Rights organization—which Jeff produced in 2000. Jeff later produced a recording of the late Justin Dart Jr.'s spellbinding oratory, interspersed with Jeff's original music, for the ADA Restoration Act Bus Tour.  Recordings of that oratory was given by Jeff to the National Constitution Center and is to be used during their  annual recognition of Disability Rights by the Center.

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