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Jeff Moyer received a telephone call in 1994 from Katherine Ott, Curator at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Katherine was developing a special exhibit on disability history, including the 504 Demonstration of 1977 at the Federal Building in San Francisco, California. Ms. Ott asked if Jeff would donate the guitar he played during the demonstration to the Smithsonian as an important artifact of the historic occupation.

Sadly, Jeff had traded that 1967 Martin 008 model guitar for a better instrument years before. However, Moyer and Ott established a professional relationship which included the following: Jeff gave the NAMH collection a broadcast-quality copy of a television magazine called Instant Recall from 1991. He also gave them his recording of the oratory of Justin Dart Jr., one of the leaders of the Disability Rights movement and a powerful public speaker. Justin Dart Jr. was the only unifying voice in the Disability Rights community and it was Dart and his wife Yoshiko who were truly responsible for the development and ultimate passage of thee Americans With Disabilities Act. His oratory, like that of the Rev. Martin  Luther King, was moving, skilled and spellbinding.


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