We're People First
March 23, 2021

Hello Mr. Moyer,

I teach elementary music up in a small town in North Dakota called Wishek. I have used the music from We’re People First for many years to help my elementary kids start to talk about inclusion. We hear your guitar and voice many times throughout the year on your CD. Just thought I’d reach out to you and let you know that your music makes it alot easier to talk about diversity.

With all this Covid-19 quarantine, the kids and I are excited that we can start to think about getting back together in the music room. I have done alot of zoom meetings and the like and was wondering if there was any possibility of connecting up with you and my kids at school sometime? We start up August 20th. I know there is a time lag so maybe singing together isn’t a possibility, but maybe at least they could do a tune for you and your could do a tune for them?

I know schedules can be a tough thing to work around. But thought I’d at least let you know how great your music is from a music teacher’s point of view! Hope you are well and maybe we can see each other in the future.

Janet Wolff
Wishek Public School