How Big Is Your Circle?
March 23, 2021

Dear the talented Mr. Moyer,

My grandmother, Alice Bullard, is a part of Mrs. Moyer’s Alpha Delta Kappa group or ADK. Recently, you spoke at one of their meetings about the play you created, How Big Is Your Circle. This Email is about that unique and spectacular play you created.

One day I got to my house after a long day at school. That day I was in a particular bad mood. My third grade brother, Graham, is on the autism spectrum. Many kids bully him and look at him weirdly. As a sibling, I have a special love for my brother that continues to grow and grow. I was really upset that day about how some kids treat him. I wanted to do something to help, but I am merely a fifth grader. Anyways, I one day I laid down on my couch and found your wonderful script. I read the whole thing 3 times. I cried from how beautiful it was. The music was amazing.

I called my grandma and asked about it, I got a lot of my questions answered. Let me just say I am an actress. I called my actress friends and asked if they’d be interested in making this a production with me, they said yes! I had everyone audition and gave them their role. We all set up our first practice. We hope to perform the play at my brother’s school and other schools nearby. Hopefully, we can make it easier on a few kids at school. As our first practice grows near, I realize I only have the two scripts my grandma collected, I need 13!

I wonder do you possibly have 13 more scripts/cd’s lying around that we could use? When we get our final product and perform, I will defiantly email you again. We hope you will come and see your idea be turned into something spectacular. Let me just say that you are an amazing person for creating this script. I am positive you will change the lives of MANY kids with disabilities, including my brother Graham Bullard. I specifically like the song Yes I Can.

Again, thank you for making this script, you have NO idea how grateful I am that you made this!!! I know I can make this into a wonderful production! I am a fifth grader at a charter school in Point Loma called Explorer Elementary Charter School.

Addison Cecelia Bullard