Performance at an Adult Daycare Center in Phoenix, AZ
March 23, 2021

During Jeff and Cris Moyer’s recent visit to Arizona our family was their first stop, and Jeff once again graciously performed a concert for my sister’s adult daycare center in Phoenix. Also, I had to mention, he graciously performed last year during their trip as well. What a treat for us all. All the clients at my sister’s adult day care are developmentally delayed and disabled. Remembering Jeff from last year, as they all came in the room and saw him once again, you could feel the sweet breezes of pure excitement and love filling the warehouse. Then they all sat down and you could hear a pin drop. But once Jeff began singing the giggles and clapping began! The smiles on the clients’ faces were like little suns shining on each face. I almost needed to wear my sunglasses! When Jeff invited them to sing along, it was like being in a room full of choir angels. Oh, how they love Jeff and his beautiful music. The most favorite time of each concert has been when Jeff sings the “name song”, oh how they love this. He takes an individual’s name and then sings it back to them. Those that could walk, came up to stand by him as he sang to them and delighted in having their photos taken with Jeff. I just delivered their photos this week, and oh how their faces lite up when they saw themselves with Jeff. They just giggled and giggled at the sight. They just love Jeff, he was accepted immediately as family to all of them. What a time we all had. It was spiritual. Jeff has a unique ability to connect with the developmentally delayed individual on a spiritual level.. What a gift to my family and my sister’s daycare family to have the opportunity to take part and witness this love.  To sum up the experience, music and intoxicating pure love filled the room. Thank you Jeff and Cris for making this very special time for all of us, we are so grateful and our hearts are full of love for you and Cris.

Gail and Zona
Phoenix, AZ