March 23, 2021

Hi Jeff!!

I was so honored to meet you and Donna @ the sibs conference!!.. I do love your music and the messages conveyed!

Your music reminds me of John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot (2 of my favorites). Your ballads about your brother’s life especially touched me, even more so, because I know him, but didn’t know of his nightmares… and this has made me love and care even more for him (who I told you, is already one of my favorite people over at the Euclid AAC). My friend, Beth made a comment that really touched me—she said that who would have ever imagined that this same boy who was so badly abused, mistreated and so unloved by the caretakers in the institution, would grow up to be so loving and beloved, by me, and by many. He’s the miracle to have been able to rise above his hell, and become so gentle of a spirit.. I am looking forward to showing him the pictures I took of you and Donna, and the one of you and me.

Take Care, Jeff!!

Maureen McManus