"Hold On"
March 23, 2021

Dear Jeff:

Thank you so very much for the full song of “Hold On” as well as many other links to your special songs and events! I took my time to listen to them, most of which are new to me. CBS footage was/is valuable – Mary Jane Owen’s talk and your music in particular. I am overwhelmed by your beautiful and heartfelt musical performance on different occasions. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have mentioned Justin in such a thoughtful way regarding his involvement in the ADA. You are a truly loving and caring person, and a comrade in the disability and civil rights movement. Humanity needs you now more than ever before, Jeff. Stay safe and healthy and keep your music playing out to humanity! Thank you again, Jeff! I love you and all your loved ones! JEFF POWER! POWER OF LOVING FAMILY/FRIENDS/COMMUNITY! POWER OF MUSIC FROM THE HEART! Lead On!! Lead On!!

Mrs. Yoshiko Dart, Widow of the Late Justin Dart Jr.