Jeff Moyer has been invited to The White House three times. First, by President George H. W.. Bush for the signing of The Americans With Disabilities Act on July 26, 1990. Following the signing, Jeff was invited to perform "The ADA anthem" at a reception at the United States Senate. Click here for historic footage of the signing and "The ADA anthem" at the Presidential Candidates' Forum on Disability Issues and the 18th Anniversary of the  ADA.

Jeff Was invited by President Bill Clinton to the White House for the July 26, 1994 Fourth Anniversary Presidential Ceremony Celebrating the Americans With Disabilities Act. Following the event, Jeff performed at Union Station for a gala celebrating the progress of the Disability Rights Movement. Jeff received White House Christmas cards from the Clintons for several years.

Jeff Moyer served on the Disability Advisory Committee for Barack Obama when he was first a candidate for the Democratic ticket in 2008. He was invited once again to The White House—this time to the Executive Office Wing by Kareem Dale, Special Presidential Assistant to President Obama, to discuss Remote Infrared Audible Signs, a powerful orientation & wayfinding system for people with visual disabilities and who cannot read print signs.  The first regional application of the technology—a complete build-out in Washington D.C.—was being advocated by Moyer in his role as Vice President of Talking Signs Inc. The RIAS technology build-out was included in the Highway Bill of 2010, but the Bill was stalled in Committee and all amendments were eliminated.

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