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  • An Open Letter to Helen Keller

    An Open Letter to Helen Keller

    Dear Helen, My life with you has had four major epochs. I write this letter today as the second open letter I have composed to you. The first was when I was 40 in 1989. I read it during my induction into the National Hall of Fame for People with Disabilities. When I was told […]

  • Now I Get It!

    Now I Get It!

    Accessibility is complicated. For those who use wheelchairs for mobility, all required specifications for access are detailed in the ADAAG, Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. For those of us with sensory disabilities, a few simple rules apply. First, everything that is spoken should be presented in American Sign Language by a qualified interpreter. Second, […]

  • On Employment

    On Employment

    A Face for Television When I graduated from high school, I decided not to go to college right away since, after I broke up with Kathy, I had no reason to go to Ohio State, where I had been accepted. Its bast in personal campus intimidated me. Since I wouldn’t be going to college, my […]

  • Human Communication

    Human Communication

    Language is a civil right but communication is a personal responsibility. On December 31st, 1979, my father called me at 11:15 PM in California, 2:15 AM Dad’s time in Cleveland. Dad had lost his lower jaw and most of his Larynx to cancer and over-radiation. His voice was a forced thin whisper. He spoke slowly […]

  • On Athletics

    On Athletics

    When I was a boy, my father was a powerfully built man who could still do gymnastic feats of remarkable strength, balance, and agility. I was going blind although my parents had been told I was pretending. Hence, my dad insisted I play Cub Scout baseball, which he coached. In those formative years, I only […]