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  • On Mentors

    On Mentors

    We all need someone to show us the next step in complex life chapters. We may have heroes, people who have accomplished something we admire, but that seems so far out of our reach that all we can do is look from afar and appreciate their standing. Exemplars are those who embody perfection for a […]

  • On the Americans with Disabilities Act

    On the Americans with Disabilities Act

    The Americans With Disabilities Act celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and it was a huge deal. I was honored to have my song, “The ADA Anthem” used as intro and extro music for Lights, Camera, Access! production on the celebration. Here is a memory from 1990. On July 25, 1990, I returned from vacation […]

  • Facial Disfigurement

    Facial Disfigurement

    The Americans with Disabilities Act contains a three prong definition of disability. It is: 1. having a limitation to a major life activity, 2. having a history of such a limitation and, 3. being perceived as having such a limitation. The first is obvious, activities like seeing, walking, breathing, or thinking. The second means that, […]

  • On the Idea of Memorial Day

    On the Idea of Memorial Day

    Once a year we stop and our national attention is drawn to the remembrance of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice during military service. But the reason for having a day of remembrance should carry all year long. Therefore, this blog is still timely; it’s reminding us to think deeply about those who protect our […]

  • On Mental Health and Men

    On Mental Health and Men

    Mental health is part of all of our natures, and each of us is responsible for the maintenance of our emotional, psychological, spiritual, and interpersonal health.This includes our boundaries with everyone else, and expression of our feelings towards others.. We live in a time when going to counseling has become a norm, one which few […]