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I have had a copy of your album “Do You See Me as an Equal” since the late 1980’s. I am glad to know more about the songwriter, especially in your continued use of augmented voices to sing.

Carol Farnsworth Grand Rapids, MI March 10, 2021

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Dear Jeff:

Thank you so very much for the full song of “Hold On” as well as many other links to your special songs and events! I took my time to listen to them, most of which are new to me. CBS footage was/is valuable – Mary Jane Owen’s talk and your music in particular. I am overwhelmed by your beautiful and heartfelt musical performance on different occasions. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have mentioned Justin in such a thoughtful way regarding his involvement in the ADA. You are a truly loving and caring person, and a comrade in the disability and civil rights movement. Humanity needs you now more than ever before, Jeff. Stay safe and healthy and keep your music playing out to humanity! Thank you again, Jeff! I love you and all your loved ones! JEFF POWER! POWER OF LOVING FAMILY/FRIENDS/COMMUNITY! POWER OF MUSIC FROM THE HEART! Lead On!! Lead On!!

Mrs. Yoshiko Dart, Widow of the Late Justin Dart Jr.

Mrs. Yoshiko Dart "Hold On" March 23, 2021

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Just want u to know you are in our hearts always. The temps have gone down about 11-12 degrees so we’ve been getting to set outside a little in the morning, and we always take We’re People First CD with us.  Zona absolutely adores that CD. As do I. Thank you so much for all your beautiful gifts you’ve devoted your life to Jeff. You’re truly a gift to our world.

I pray all of you are well and peaceful. Give Cris my love.

Love, Zonie and Gail

Zonie & Gail We're People First March 23, 2021

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Hello Mr. Moyer,

I teach elementary music up in a small town in North Dakota called Wishek. I have used the music from We’re People First for many years to help my elementary kids start to talk about inclusion. We hear your guitar and voice many times throughout the year on your CD. Just thought I’d reach out to you and let you know that your music makes it alot easier to talk about diversity.

With all this Covid-19 quarantine, the kids and I are excited that we can start to think about getting back together in the music room. I have done alot of zoom meetings and the like and was wondering if there was any possibility of connecting up with you and my kids at school sometime? We start up August 20th. I know there is a time lag so maybe singing together isn’t a possibility, but maybe at least they could do a tune for you and your could do a tune for them?

I know schedules can be a tough thing to work around. But thought I’d at least let you know how great your music is from a music teacher’s point of view! Hope you are well and maybe we can see each other in the future.

Janet Wolff
Wishek Public School

Janet Wolff Elementary School Teacher – Wishek, North Dakota We're People First March 23, 2021

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Dear the talented Mr. Moyer,

My grandmother, Alice Bullard, is a part of Mrs. Moyer’s Alpha Delta Kappa group or ADK. Recently, you spoke at one of their meetings about the play you created, How Big Is Your Circle. This Email is about that unique and spectacular play you created.

One day I got to my house after a long day at school. That day I was in a particular bad mood. My third grade brother, Graham, is on the autism spectrum. Many kids bully him and look at him weirdly. As a sibling, I have a special love for my brother that continues to grow and grow. I was really upset that day about how some kids treat him. I wanted to do something to help, but I am merely a fifth grader. Anyways, I one day I laid down on my couch and found your wonderful script. I read the whole thing 3 times. I cried from how beautiful it was. The music was amazing.

I called my grandma and asked about it, I got a lot of my questions answered. Let me just say I am an actress. I called my actress friends and asked if they’d be interested in making this a production with me, they said yes! I had everyone audition and gave them their role. We all set up our first practice. We hope to perform the play at my brother’s school and other schools nearby. Hopefully, we can make it easier on a few kids at school. As our first practice grows near, I realize I only have the two scripts my grandma collected, I need 13!

I wonder do you possibly have 13 more scripts/cd’s lying around that we could use? When we get our final product and perform, I will defiantly email you again. We hope you will come and see your idea be turned into something spectacular. Let me just say that you are an amazing person for creating this script. I am positive you will change the lives of MANY kids with disabilities, including my brother Graham Bullard. I specifically like the song Yes I Can.

Again, thank you for making this script, you have NO idea how grateful I am that you made this!!! I know I can make this into a wonderful production! I am a fifth grader at a charter school in Point Loma called Explorer Elementary Charter School.

Addison Cecelia Bullard

Addison Cecelia Bullard 5th Grader, Explorer Elementary Charter School How Big Is Your Circle? March 23, 2021

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Many of us advocate for people with disabilities feel isolated in today’s political climate. Fortunately, there is a force that can balance things out in our hearts and minds. It’s the belief that one individual who is determined to make a difference in the world, can, with desire, drive, dedication, discipline, passion, and persistence. The world can be altered and billions of people’s lives can be impacted positively in an unimaginable way. This describes you…

Steve Jacobs
West Jefferson, OH

March 23, 2021

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I was asked to help out with the Sara Lee Corporation Diversity Council this year by serving on the Newsletter committee. I have always felt like I had a good grasp on diversity until that day! I felt a little nervous about getting information together that should somehow be able to make an impact on people within our company. After the first few weeks, I began to realize what a huge responsibility we had jumped into. There were so many directions, so much information, so much that we could do and say wrong, and so many different things and people that deserved to be discussed. I felt overwhelmed, and worried that we would overwhelm our fellow team members with more things to read about, think about and do…so much that they would do nothing.

My youngest son, Kade, is 9 years old, and loves music. He plays the Cello in Austin Elementary School in Sulphur Springs, Texas. This is a sight to see. He came home from school one day and handed me a piece of paper stating that the school was hosting a musical program that would include all the elementary schools in our area…I was very busy with work; very busy with brainstorming ideas for the Diversity council newsletter, school, kids, life…you have the picture.

The big day finally came, and Kade was so excited…our beautiful, smart little boy would sing and play and WOW us. I had the video camera ready, my husband had the digital camera ready, and my friend had a back up camera ready. This was a very special event, and we were prepared. The music began, the director was lead from the corner of the room, and he began feeling his way around, smiling and talking with the children. Then, Jeff Moyer and the children began to sing… “WE’RE PEOPLE FIRST”…a celebration of diversity by Jeff Moyer.” I nearly dropped the video camera!

So, a grand lesson in diversity was dropped in my lap! After the wonderful performance that night, I spoke with Jeff Moyer. WOW…I was, and still am…very WOW’ED. I want to share this experience with you because I received some of the most valuable information that I have ever had the privilege of having. Jeff is able to teach valuable life lessons through songs and activities. The way that he is able to speak to a crowd ranging in age from 2 to 100 and still effectively reach all in the room with this message is amazing.

Jeff keeps it simple, concise and to the point. It is all ELEMENTARY. All of a sudden a light came on in my head. If he can teach thousands of children to think about this, what could this message do for us in a corporate business setting? I hope that it will help us all to stop and think for a moment, think about ourselves, and those around us, and the impact that we all have on each other. Most of all, I hope that we can learn to make Diversity simple, elementary, an everyday, all the time, instinctive way of thinking and acting with people. After all, “We’re People First”. And, we should celebrate that fact.

The message that was sent through our children that night, was one of consequence, concerning many areas: self-esteem, acceptance of others, the naturalness of diversity, and positive thought and action. Thank you is not enough for the lesson that my child learned that night. He is a kind and loving child, and that night brought out a defensiveness in him to protect and love all those around him, no matter the difference. I am proud that he was a part of this program, and hope that he carries this love for others his whole life long.

Jeff, you are truly amazing and inspiring. I wish you the best in your journey.

Shonda Gibson, manager with Sara Lee Corporation, and proud mom of Kade Gibson!

Shonda Gibson Sara Lee Corporation Diversity Council We're People First March 23, 2021

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Hi Jeff,

I want to thank you for coming out to Euclid AAC to share your gift of song in an empowering mini-concert for the men and women at Euclid AAC.  Your music is truly an inspiration to all.

Thank you for giving a voice towards the ‘betterment of the human condition’ and may God bless you in all that you do!

Mary Beth Schwarz
Adult Activities Services Manager
Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Euclid Adult Activities Center

Mary Beth Schwarz Adult Activities Services Manager, Euclid Adult Activities Center, Ohio Presentation for Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities March 23, 2021

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I really enjoyed Jeff’s presentation at the National ADA Symposium in Denver. I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated.


Joy Presentation at National ADA Symposium in Denver March 23, 2021

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Dear Jeff,

Thank you for producing Maxwell the Dancing Dog. It’s great! My classroom particularly enjoys “Peanut Butter and Pickles.” It was wonderful that you could come to our school. The kids talk about it a lot.

Clare Davis

Kirtland Elementary School

Clare Davis Teacher at Kirtland Elementary School Maxwell the Dancing Dog March 23, 2021

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During Jeff and Cris Moyer’s recent visit to Arizona our family was their first stop, and Jeff once again graciously performed a concert for my sister’s adult daycare center in Phoenix. Also, I had to mention, he graciously performed last year during their trip as well. What a treat for us all. All the clients at my sister’s adult day care are developmentally delayed and disabled. Remembering Jeff from last year, as they all came in the room and saw him once again, you could feel the sweet breezes of pure excitement and love filling the warehouse. Then they all sat down and you could hear a pin drop. But once Jeff began singing the giggles and clapping began! The smiles on the clients’ faces were like little suns shining on each face. I almost needed to wear my sunglasses! When Jeff invited them to sing along, it was like being in a room full of choir angels. Oh, how they love Jeff and his beautiful music. The most favorite time of each concert has been when Jeff sings the “name song”, oh how they love this. He takes an individual’s name and then sings it back to them. Those that could walk, came up to stand by him as he sang to them and delighted in having their photos taken with Jeff. I just delivered their photos this week, and oh how their faces lite up when they saw themselves with Jeff. They just giggled and giggled at the sight. They just love Jeff, he was accepted immediately as family to all of them. What a time we all had. It was spiritual. Jeff has a unique ability to connect with the developmentally delayed individual on a spiritual level.. What a gift to my family and my sister’s daycare family to have the opportunity to take part and witness this love.  To sum up the experience, music and intoxicating pure love filled the room. Thank you Jeff and Cris for making this very special time for all of us, we are so grateful and our hearts are full of love for you and Cris.

Gail and Zona
Phoenix, AZ

Gail & Zona Performance at an Adult Daycare Center in Phoenix, AZ March 23, 2021

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Just wanted to thank you once again for the two great assemblies on Tuesday! I asked several students what they liked best and received a variety of answers: “I liked all the instruments he played.” “I liked that big thing from Australia.” “I liked the songs and clapping.” “I liked that he taught us how to sign that song.” “I liked everything!”

From staff the comments were: “What a great message! And he tied it into our bully prevention program.” “I really liked his message about no matter what we look like on the outside, we are all the same inside….and we should be kind to everyone.” “That was a really fun assembly! I hope the kids really listened to what he was saying about getting along and attitude.” “I hope that he comes again!”

I really think that your message needs to be repeated over and over again (and that’s what we try to do!) so that treating one another with respect and kindness is the norm in all situations.

Thanks again for a great morning!

Karen Smith
KES Social Worker

Karen Smith KES Social Worker March 23, 2021

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Hi Jeff!!

I was so honored to meet you and Donna @ the sibs conference!!.. I do love your music and the messages conveyed!

Your music reminds me of John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot (2 of my favorites). Your ballads about your brother’s life especially touched me, even more so, because I know him, but didn’t know of his nightmares… and this has made me love and care even more for him (who I told you, is already one of my favorite people over at the Euclid AAC). My friend, Beth made a comment that really touched me—she said that who would have ever imagined that this same boy who was so badly abused, mistreated and so unloved by the caretakers in the institution, would grow up to be so loving and beloved, by me, and by many. He’s the miracle to have been able to rise above his hell, and become so gentle of a spirit.. I am looking forward to showing him the pictures I took of you and Donna, and the one of you and me.

Take Care, Jeff!!

Maureen McManus

March 23, 2021