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Jeff Moyer is an extraordinary human. Triumphant over seemingly endless e challenges, he has and continues to lead a creatively inspired life well-lived.

From his many recordings & songs to his self-published memoir, GRIT, and everything in between, Jeff’s life journey is the stuff of which legends are made. His long-time and historic participation in disability activism and advocacy are well-documented in this site’s pages.
Jeffrey John Moyer was born on February 20, 1949, and like many kids in those days, he got measles. But unlike other kids, at the age of five, triggered by the disease, he began to go blind due to a rare cone/rod dystrophy, an orphan genetic condition. That same summer, Jeff’s younger brother Mark was born with a severe cognitive disability.

Those twin vectors shaped his life experience and formed roots of the advocacy that would direct much of his career and drive his passion for seeing opportunities expand for people with disabilities.

Music from the Heart is dedicated to offering a user-friendly, accessible site for a diverse audience of people with and without disabilities. It is a work in progress.

Currently, Jeff is hosting a bi-monthly talk/variety show on the Set of the Sails YouTube Network, writing new songs, and finishing a book of short stories. What he will do next is anyone’s guess.

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