By becoming a member of The Jeff Moyer Show, you are adding your emotional and psychological support to our efforts. You are demonstrating that you believe in our mission of lifting up the ideal of inclusion of all of the human family in all aspects of our common wheel – our schools and education, work world, recreation, the arts, sports, and all other cultural and community experiences.

Your membership demonstrates that we are reaching a broad community who value and support our grounding principles and outreach.

When you become a member of the show:

    1. You will be granted access to a private Facebook Group for The Jeff Moyer Show. There you can share your thoughts with other members. Jeff or Cristi may post thoughts on “News of the Day” and may respond to members’ conversations.
    2. Every month 20 members will be randomly selected for a 1 hour Zoom call with Jeff and Cristi. In this private conversation you may ask questions and listen to the casual thoughts of the hosts of The JM Show. Jeff may play new songs; Cristi may share a favorite recipe, and you will enjoy this behind-the-scenes time.

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