March 23, 2021


Just wanted to thank you once again for the two great assemblies on Tuesday! I asked several students what they liked best and received a variety of answers: “I liked all the instruments he played.” “I liked that big thing from Australia.” “I liked the songs and clapping.” “I liked that he taught us how to sign that song.” “I liked everything!”

From staff the comments were: “What a great message! And he tied it into our bully prevention program.” “I really liked his message about no matter what we look like on the outside, we are all the same inside….and we should be kind to everyone.” “That was a really fun assembly! I hope the kids really listened to what he was saying about getting along and attitude.” “I hope that he comes again!”

I really think that your message needs to be repeated over and over again (and that’s what we try to do!) so that treating one another with respect and kindness is the norm in all situations.

Thanks again for a great morning!

Karen Smith
KES Social Worker